Introducing the Social Wire

Social Media meets Newswire

SocialWire product shot

Every day thousands of news items and social media posts are published - how do you find in all this noise the few stories that deserve your attention? That is the problem SocialWire sets out to solve. Our goal is to keep you on top of the days most influential stories in seconds by presenting a dynamic list of ten. We identify the stories through our patent pending software – the Scroll Machine. The Machine starts with a list of influencers identified by our award-winning team of editors, the algorithm then sifts through hundreds of thousands of users, stories, and shares to expand this list and identify the most influential. Stories update every few hours.

Explanation of terms

Influence score (Scale 0-100): This is a composite score for each influencer that combines the size of their audience (popularity), the news relevance of the information they share (relevance), and the degree to which other influencers ‘re-share’ their posts (virality). While no score is a perfect measure of influence, our approach eliminates one major problem – the selection is not a reflection of the mere popularity of a certain story or a person. By focusing on those who are ‘influencing the influencers’ at any given time the machine surfaces the stories that matter.

Mathematics of the score: We normalize the score to be between 0-100 by mapping the count of shares and followers to a sigmoid function.

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